Breakout 2

Our second round of breakout sessions will be from 11:30-12:30. Like round one, you may choose one of the following four to attend. For more information about each specific breakout session, follow the link at the end of the description.

Breaking Barriers: How to be Heard in Entertainment

The entertainment industry is huge, and everyone wants in. With so much similarity between clients, it seems overwhelming to get your client heard. Learn how content deals are made, how media players get rights, and the marketing behind it all. Along with these newer concepts, the traditional red carpet walk, movie premier, CD release, and TV pilot are still emphasized. Where is the balance between all of this, and how is it affecting the stars as well as the people in the industry. more info

     Speaker – Kion Sanders (MTV)

Does Doing Good in Business Matter?

In an age of unprecedented transparency, consumers are demanding more than products from corporations. They believe companies have a duty to be socially responsible in their activities. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no longer just a “fad”. Learn about its implantation through a brand and agency perspective. more info

     Speakers – Simon Bowers (Cone Communication)

The Road Less Traveled

In today’s world, a degree in public relations can get you many places besides the traditional agency. After graduation, several choose careers in startups and nontraditional agencies. What is the draw of working at places that aren’t necessarily considered the “dream job” and why have so many left those positions? Learn if the road less travelled is for you. more info

     Speakers – Alison Morris (Springpad), Rachel Sprung (Hubspot), Sean Carlson (author)

Keys to Content Marketing and Creativity

Learn how to persistently create innovative content that attracts and encourages audience engagement. Find out the role of social media in unique content creation while always maintaining content as king. more info

     Speaker – Rob Six (Roll Global)