Breakout 1

We are so excited about our breakout sessions this year! The first round of Breakout Sessions will be from 10:20-11:20. From this list of four, you may pick one to attend. For more information about each specific breakout session, follow the link at the end of the description.

The Social Business Culture

Businesses must have a social media presence because customers expect to see brand personality and authentic interaction. Even traditional businesses of today have a social presence because audiences expect transparency and active communication. Learn how to implement this sort of culture in a business and where the future of social is headed. more info

     Speaker – Vala Afshar

Effective Storytelling Through Video

Today’s world is about leveraging yourself, or your client, in exceptional, innovative ways. There is great power in new media and marketing using video. Learn some great techniques to tell stories through video that you can use today. Garfield will review the problems with video projects, basic requirements for good videos, current tools, and some great applications of video. more info

     Speaker – Steve Garfield

Analyzing the Success of Campaigns

Traditional public relations is merging with new media platforms and technologies, but it is difficult to find the right spot between the two. Analytics and the ability to evaluate the sucess of social media campaigns take the new pieces of PR and relate them to the traditionalists. Analytics links social media with the bottom line. Learn how to quantify social data and if new media truly gets business results as profitable as the hype. more info

     Speaker – DJ Capobianco

Connecting With Your Client
A public relations agency is hired by a company to manage the message and reputation of the company. What are the difficulties of working with a client, and how is that message relayed? Learn what role the client plays in making PR decisions and how the dynamic of that relationship is maintained. more info

     Speaker – Kate Finigan, Chris Meehan, Kate Weissman, Alyson Karoly