Breakout Sessions

This year, we have 8 awesome breakout sessions from which you can attend 2.  Below is a list of the breakout sessions with a brief description. To learn more, follow the links in the descriptions.

Session 1  ///////  10:20-11:20

The Social Business Culture

Here, you will hear where the future of social is headed. You will also learn how to

implement a social culture full of authentic interaction and brand personality in a business. more info

     Speaker – Vala Afshar

Effective Storytelling through Video

The power of new media and marketing using video is immense. Steve Garfield will go over some great techniques to tell stories through video. more info

     Speaker – Steve Garfield

Analyzing the Success of Campaigns

Analyses links social media with the bottom line. Learn how social data quantifies online and traditional public relations campaigns. more info

      Speaker – DJ Capobianco

Connecting with your Client

What are the difficulties of working with a client? Find out what role the client plays in making PR decisions and how the dynamic of that relationship is maintained. more info

     Speaker – Kate Finigan, Chris Meehan, Kate Weissman, Alyson Karoly

Session 2  ///////  11:30-12:30

The Road Less Traveled

What is the draw of working at places that aren’t necessarily considered the “dream job” and why have so many left those positions? more info

     Speakers – Alison Morris, Rachel Sprung, Sean Carlson

Breaking Barriers: How to be Heard in Entertainment

Learn how content deals are made, how media players get rights, and the marketing behind it all. Here, Kion Sanders will talk about balancing these newer concepts with traditional ones so that your client can be heard in the massive world of entertainment. more info

     Speaker – Kion Sanders

Does Doing Good Business Matter?

It is common belief that companies must be socially responsible for their actions. Learn how Corporate Social Responsibility is implemented through a brand and agency perspective. more info

     Speaker – Simon Bower

Keys to Content Marketing and Creativity

Content is king, so find out how to constantly create innovative content that encourages audience interaction. more info

     Speaker – Rob Six

We are still finalizing details for the breakout sessions, so some things might change. Don’t worry, though, we’re just making sure everything is awesome for you.